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Again, pick what works best for you. There's also no way to skip ahead during an episode if, say, the sync hasn't quite got things matched up with where you last left it. It was a great solution, especially for recording with multiple people in-studio. You've got an Amazon Echo and may already know how to play songs and albums via Amazon Music.

Jeff is an agency owner, teacher, and podcaster. Let's look at how to access podcasts on your Echo or other Alexa device. Some ideas are provided for you, although these are hardly a cutting edge curation of the latest and greatest podcasts. Another way to get audio from your microphone into the computer is through an audio interface. Think of your favorite interview.

There are a couple of downsides to be aware of, too. Many people suggest condenser mics over dynamic mics, but I disagree with this for a few reasons. And you can fire up Amazon's webpage on Alexa Skills. Thus, I personally use and recommend using hardware-based setups for recording podcasts and software for editing them.

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  1. This is the second part of our series on podcasting for beginners.
  2. He covers microphones, mixers, digital recorders, cables and much more.
  3. Basically, choose some headphones that are comfortable and have a good sound.
  4. Alternatively, you can type a keyword at the top of the window to hunt down any related podcasts.

How you record will also determine your pre-production what you do before recording and post-production what you do after the recording workload. Lance Whitney Freelance Writer. To get it, you'll have to download it from the Alexa Skills Store and then link up your account. When it comes to microphones, it is important to consider the difference between dynamic and condenser mics.

Knowing which cables to buy is dependent on your setup. In our experience, the skill will always play the most recent episode - and sometimes, obviously, you want the oldest episode you haven't yet played. How to Download YouTube Videos. From the music library on your computer, drill down and select the podcast episode you want to upload.

For reasons like these, I do not recommend using free options. You can now ask Alexa to play the episode you just uploaded, and you should hear it on your Alexa device. In many cases, though, you can name a specific episode.

Once you've chosen the podcast you want to listen to simply tap it and it will play through whatever Alexa-enabled speaker you've got selected up top. This will give your computer the ability to send and receive audio. It has a great sound and an even better price point. Now, imagine you lost it due to a computer or software issue. The AnyPod skill is a much beefier podcast choice for Alexa, offering more options than the standard.

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You can also surf to the TuneIn website and browse the different podcast categories or search for a specific podcast by keyword. This eliminates any feedback looping. In this guide, Jeff gives you his honest feedback from a decade of podcasting experience. For example, you can use your phone and an app like Anchor to record your podcast.

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Condenser mics are typically more expensive, fragile, ryan lochte and sensitive. Amazon offers individual podcasts you can search for via the Alexa mobile app. Its compact size is its strongest feature.

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But the selection is pretty good. If you're a devoted podcast listener and want to access your favorite shows on your Alexa device, you have a couple of options. Fortunately, I was recording the interview with my digital recorder as a backup!

Many free options do exist for beginner podcaster. Dynamic mics are perfect for recording in less than ideal settings like home studios. But that's limiting, since you never know what you might get. However, it had a few downfalls.

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To do this, download and install the Amazon Music app on your computer if you don't already have it. For years, I did this using a Mackie mixer board. That's slightly annoying, but until Amazon opens Routines up further, that's the way it is. Listening to The Butterfly Effect took us to the first episode in the series, yugioh while a request for The Totally Football Show took us to the latest one.

And, considering this is the first iteration of the skill, it's not actually too clunky. We know you can't wait to get going, so here are the essential commands to get you started with AnyPod. You should always wear headphones when recording and editing your podcast. Dynamic mics are more affordable, rugged, and direct.

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You can now also add Podcasts to your Alexa Routines, meaning that with one single command can control pretty much every aspect of your smart home, and play a podcast automatically. Many people record themselves and their interview guests or co-hosts digitally using software like Audacity, GarageBand, Pamela for Skype, Ecamm, or Zencastr. You should already have the app on your mobile device since you needed it to set up your Echo. We use cookie files to improve site functionality and personalisation. And make sure you check out our ultimate guide to Amazon Alexa ecosystem to supercharge your smart speaker.

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Make sure your choice can fit into your existing setup. Reach out to him at JeffLarge. The inexpensive Nady Pop Filters or a foam cover should work just fine. This was the other reason why I retired the mixer from my setup.

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Favorite things include family, board games, and learning something new every day. When you find one you want, tap it to play on one of your Alexa devices. Physical digital recorders are dependable. Any type of failure is completely unacceptable.

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Instead, use Amazon's Alexa app to search for specific podcasts. Choosing the right podcast equipment can be incredibly frustrating and confusing. Go to the app and choose Routines.

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How to play podcasts with Alexa on your Amazon Echo
  • When you say the command, your podcast will play.
  • By day, he's a journalist, software trainer, and sometime Web developer.
  • Tap on the hamburger icon.

The following options are an overview of the different pieces you may want to consider. However, I recently switched to a boom arm stand to open up more space on my desk. You need to get your audio into your computer so that interview guests can hear you. If you have the money to spend, Mogami Gold Studio cables are one of the best brands.

These are the kinds of things that can easily be patched up with new voice commands, and we expect it to keep getting better over time. Fortunately, many excellent and comparable recorders exist. Once you're all synced, den you can access your podcasts by simply talking to any enabled speaker. All of the real editing and effects are done in post-production.

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