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Ibm Cli Driver Cli0108e Communication Link Failure.sqlstate 40003

Sory, my original answer was incomplete. Is it possible that something going wrong in an insert statement actually closes the connection? It seems the root cause is the daabase Best regards, Orkun Gedik. This issue occurs randomly.

Toggle navigation Network Home Informatica. User response Establish a new connection. So performing the query at one shot and then writing to the sql table.

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None of the above, continue with my search. Turn off more accessible mode. This question has been deleted. Moving the database will rebuild the corrupt table or tables. You need to contact Microsoft Support and or your administrators to resolve this, as you may need to restore the ClearQuest databases from a backup taken just prior to the database change.

Testing bulk loading seems sensible if you want to improve the job performance. This actually breaks my Perl application. This question has been undeleted. Monitoring packets with a sniffer is a good way to track down the source when all else fails.

Even though I've used it in a pinch, I don't recommend it long-term. Issues in the network, the client or server closing the connection due to a timeout, someone kicking a cable in the computer room, you name it. This answer has been deleted. To resolve this issue, c hange the network configuration to allow creating new connections between both the networks. This answer has been undeleted.

Explanation The connection between the driver and the data source failed during execution of this function. One possible explanation if this is a long-running job is there could be a timeout communications rule affecting it. Execute catch Exception ex if the exception is a communication link failure connection. Communication link failure when checking out a schema.

Refactoring the code to send the data in smaller chunks would definitely by my first choice were I in your shoes. Move the database using the ClearQuest Move Tool. If you can, it might not hurt to refactor the code to upload smaller sets. What is the role of moderators?


For a schema repository, use the ClearQuest Maintenance Tool. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Contact and feedback Need support? If you find a solution, dq82536ep drivers for windows 7 let us know. Watson Product Search Search.

Or leaves the connection stateless? In your case, it is possible that the underlying cause may just be that you're trying to upload too much data at once. It's been confirmed that the database is running healthy and able to accept connections and even the network connections are healthy.

Former Member Shahin Mikayilov. Diagnostic information has been recorded. Perhaps an export base correct the problem.

Ibm cli driver cli0108e communication link failure.sqlstate 40003

Informatica Network Knowledge Base. Have you found out why the connection is closing?

SAS DI JOB is failing ERROR CLI execute error I - SAS Support Communities