Transportation and the Weather in Pittsburgh, as Explained by Nick Bova

You are thinking about moving to Pittsburgh and you want to know more about the city. While it is a city that has seen its population decrease in recent years, it’s still a beautiful place to reside, as experts point out again and again. However, if you are planning this move, you need to be aware of certain things. For example, you must be aware of the transportation needs of residents and how they will affect you once you make the move.

A Car Is Needed

Most people use a personal car to get around Pittsburgh. If you don’t know how to drive, have let your license lapse, or gotten rid of your car, it’s time to consider changing this. Although a vehicle is not essential, it will be greatly appreciated as you try to make your way through the city. Just be prepared for the roads, highways, and bridges, as they cross and wind in ways you may not be used to.

The Weather

Another thing to consider when it comes to driving in Pittsburgh is the weather. Pittsburgh receives snow, on average, 40 days every year. The yearly snow totals reach almost 42 inches also, so drivers need to know how to navigate in this type of weather. The snow typically starts in November and doesn’t end until March, so this is not a short-term situation that a person can avoid. This snow tends to linger too, with more than half of the days during winter having one or more inches of snow on the ground, although the city does work to clear the streets quickly so residents can move around with ease. Furthermore, parking spaces are often used during the winter months to pile heavy snow, so plan ahead for this.

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