Metal Roofing Offers a Variety of Advantages

All types of roofing materials have pros and cons homeowners should consider when replacing an existing roof or choosing a material for a new home’s roof. However, one option that’s quickly becoming a favorite of property owners everywhere is metal. So, why is metal roofing becoming more popular? There are several reasons.

Added Value

Because metal roofing products are becoming more common, home buyers are starting to favor homes with metal roofing over the most common roofing products. That means those homes will tend to command higher prices than properties with traditional asphalt or composite shingles. If you’re looking for a good way to enhance your home’s value, consider installing one of the many types of metal roofing now available.

High-Quality Materials Mean Less Maintenance, Longer Life

Steel is, by its very nature, incredibly durable. That means all types of steel roofing will be less susceptible to weather damage and UV rays. While some maintenance will be needed, that maintenance will focus on flashing materials rather than the steel roofing itself. When your neighbors are waiting to have their roofs repaired after a weather event, your steel roof is unlikely to need repairs.

Save Money On Heating and Cooling Costs

While lighter colors of steel roofing will reflect heat, there are also air pockets created when steel roofing is installed that will impact a home’s ability to stay cooler in the summer. When a home doesn’t absorb as much heat, the demands on an air conditioner are significantly reduced. The net result is lower utility bills. Those same air pockets also help to keep heated air in during colder months.

Reduce Your Insurance Costs

Insurance companies love steel roofs. The strength, durability, and fire-resistant qualities mean their exposure is reduced. That means many insurance companies offer property owners who install metal roofing a break on insurance rates. Of course, it always pays to ask your insurance company if they are one of the carriers providing discounts when steel roofing is used.

If you’ve got questions about the best roofing products for your home, check this blog for homeowners or contact a local contractor. Once you’ve seen the advantages, it’s likely you’ll want a new steel roof for your home.