Investment in Commercial real Estate USA

• Reliable and profitable investment
• Stable and guaranteed income in US dollars
• High investment quality real estate
• Provision for the future and protection against inflation
• The potential to increase the value of real estate
• The prestige of owning property in USA
• Rental property is a ready business
• Lack of control for the investor – passive income
• Diversification of the investment portfolio by geography and type of assets
• High liquidity of assetsA Review Of The Investment Program
Investment goal: capital Preservation, stable income
Type of assets: Rental commercial real estate (Shopping)
Country: United States Of America
Tenants of property: National and global companies
Term of lease: Long term, 10-25 years
Expected yield (Cap rate): 6.5-9%
Level of risk: Moderate/below average
Minimum investment: $ 1,000,000
Type of investor: individuals and institutional investors
Property ownership: 100% ownership
Investment strategy: Conservative/rental income
Investment horizon: Medium/Long term
Category of leases: NN* NNN**
Bank loan: Possible, own min. capital 30%


Investment product
Many companies in the U.S. prefer not to keep the property they need and which is used in daily operations, and rent. This approach has several benefits, both for companies and for investors.

First, it allows to focus financial and management resources on their core business.
Secondly, it makes possible the existence of rental (income) commercial real estate as an investment asset class.
Presents a Programme of Investment is most suitable for investors with a conservative approach to risk and includes retail commercial U.S. real estate as a primary investment product. This property has the characteristics that meet the needs of investors in the conservation and enhancement of state.
Our emphasis on quality proposed under the Investment Program of products based on the quality of the four components:
• The quality of real estate
• The quality of their location
• The quality of lease contracts
• Quality tenants
Considered within the framework of the Investment Program objects of commercial real estate is typically new or relatively new to the commercial building. They are leased by companies, according to the orders which they were built by specialized construction and development companies in accordance with international quality standards.
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Among the important selection criteria of retail properties of their favorable location in developing urban areas on street corners and along main transportation arteries, the positive traffic statistics, positive demographic indicators area (size, composition, growth and income), its proximity to other businesses, a high level of commercial activity areas, etc.
An integral, vital and valuable part of the investment product are long-term (10 years or more) lease agreements entered into with the tenants prior to the acquisition of real estate. The leases with which we operate in the framework of the given program, include the contracts of categories, Double-Net (NN) and Triple Net (NNN). The essential feature of these contracts is the payment by the tenant in addition to base rental payments (1) property tax, (2) insurance premiums and (3) operating expenses. In the end, the investor receives income like income for coupons from bonds, while having a real asset with the potential to increase the value, and using Bank financing (“leverage”) to maximize return on invested capital.

Conditions applicable to the companies tenants include firms have a credit rating of investment grade assigned by leading international rating agencies (Standards & Poor’s, Moody’s, Fitch) and significant sales volumes, defining the company’s leading position in the industry. In the list of qualified tenants are listed on the stock exchanges leading national and global companies in the US such as AutoZone, Walgreens, McDonald’s, CVS Pharmacy, Advance Auto Parts, Family Dollar, Dollar General and others.