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Dishonest real estate transaction

Buyers who purchase property at a lower cost, will pay the taxThe Federal Tax Service in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance has figured out how to make the property market more transparent and to improve tax collection. The recipe is unusual. For starters, officials propose to set the maximum allowable discount (in relation to the cadastral value of real estate) to sell the apartments. And then to oblige buyers to pay personal income tax if they purchased a property on an obviously low price.
The developers of the law believe that the “notoriously low” price can be called in if it differs by 20-30% of the cadastral value of the object. Recall that the cadastral value today is as close to a market.

So if an object with the cadastral value of 7 000 000 dollars according to the contr...



The financial crisis has fueled consumer interest of USA to foreign property. In 2010, USA citizens were among the leaders in the acquisition of property mortgaged for the European real estate markets, ahead of the traditional buyers from among the English and Irish, and the highest demand for Bulgaria, Egypt, Italy, France and Montenegro. The growing demand for real estate was due to the collapse in prices and the emergence on the market


of residential properties at more affordable prices.
Foreign real estate
Foreign residential real estate is still attractive for wealthy Russian buyers. The decline in housing prices during the financial crisis in Spain and Montenegro amounted to 20% and in the Baltic States 60-70%...

Investment in Commercial real Estate USA

• Reliable and profitable investment
• Stable and guaranteed income in US dollars
• High investment quality real estate
• Provision for the future and protection against inflation
• The potential to increase the value of real estate
• The prestige of owning property in USA
• Rental property is a ready business
• Lack of control for the investor – passive income
• Diversification of the investment portfolio by geography and type of assets
• High liquidity of assetsA Review Of The Investment Program
Investment goal: capital Preservation, stable income
Type of assets: Rental commercial real estate (Shopping)
Country: United States Of America
Tenants of property: National and global companies
Term of lease: Long term, 10-25 years
Expected yield (Cap rate): 6...

Property for sale in the USA

Price: 825 000 $
A restaurant with 350 seats in Tampa restaurant
a) 350 seats
b) license for all existing types of alcohol + 12 types of beer on tap + bottled Beers
c) 2-storey loft + bar on the street

3 rooms inside
The first Banquet hall


Second room for slot machines + 2 pool tables + tables for food

The third hall-bar for 25 people + tables for food + a stage for musicians + slot machines

In the professional kitchen is: 2 freezers, refrigerators, soda machine, machine for ice cream and coffee, all stoves and plates, third rack, 2 machines for making ice.

On the street 2 professional volleyball fields with night lighting.
4 times a week and tournaments in volleyball.

On the territory there is a picturesque lake. Street games on the sand.

The whole area of 4...